As WiTEC announced last year, we have been partners with Sheffield College, Inova and VhTO for MIND THE GAP PROJECT! An Erasmus+ project for the European Commision.


You can check GENERAL DATA in our RESOURCES section to find news about our projects and other data that can be useful and always interesting regarding #Women & #STEM!

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Newsletter ~ March 2016

Get all info about last meeting of MIND THE GAP project in Barcelona last February!

Newsletter ~ December 2015

Last Newsletter of the year with info from our partners of WiTEC Sweden.

Have a look at the news about #STEM & women.

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Innovativum 2015: Mentoring

The preparations for WiTEC Sweden's big annual event INNOVATIVUM in October is now underway. This year's theme is all about mentoring in different forms, as the need and demand of mentoring in recent years has increased.

Health-Technology-Culture Seminar

On June 1, Bästad Municipality and Halmstad University have arranged a Seminar on Health-Technology-Culture. The conference is addressed to strategists, managers, executives, developers, etc. in Health, Education, Care, Management and HR.

News are coming!

We are happy to announce the opening of NEWS section in WiTEC's website!


We will share news about WiTEC Association, WiTEC Partners and other news relating #STEM events and seminars.

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