WIDER – Green Growing of SMEs

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WIDER – Green Growing of SMEs

Innovation and Development in the Energy Sector in the Mediterranean Area



The European population is getting older which means that the number of people over 65 is increasing. This ageing trend presents numerous social changes and challenges, for which adequate solutions need to be found


Challenges and opportunities for SMEs

A new emerging market: More attention needs to be given to the special health and safety needs of an ageing population at home so they can live independently for as long as possible.

WIDER is a project that gives the opportunity to SMEs of 7 regions of the Mediterranean Area to move, through innovation, from their traditional sectors to new emerging sectors of eco-smart housing for elderly people.

WIDER wants to improve the position of new products of SMEs all along the supply chain of eco smart housing for active and independent living of the ageing generation.


Activities in 7 territories – pilot areas:

Algarve, Portugal / Cataluna, SpaiN / Rhone-Alps, France / Marche, Italy / The Heart of Slovenia, Slovenia / Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina / Central Macedonia, Greece


WIDER actions

Constituting a transnational list of Knowledge Providers, i.e. qualified experts in the eco-smart housing related fields. 139 Knowledge Providers from 12 fields from Mediterranean region are included in the transnational list in order to support the candidates for the Innovation Vouchers.


Training Workshops: Addressed to local SMEs, acquainting them with general concepts of innovation, market repositioning, supply profile, new design for products, projecting together with end-users. In total 36 training workshops took place with 70 experts and 600 local enterprises participating.


Eco-smart Innovation Vouchercall for proposals and implementation:

Connections with private and public key players, intermediary bodies acting as project facilitators between demand/supply, national/international institutional networks, professional networks in order to share knowledge and experiences, coordinate activities and create synergies.Finally 42 Innovationideas (fromthe 79 applicationssubmitted to the 7 partners) weresupportedwithInnovationVouchers of a total amount of 350.000€. The ideaw which get the Innovation Vouchers from each country are presented on the website http://www.wider-project.eu/voucher-winners.html

The main result: constitution of a Transnational Thematic Network


Connectionswithprivate and publickey players,intermediary bodiesactingas project facilitatorsbetweendemand/supply,national/international institutionalnetworks,pprofessionalnetworks in order toshare knowledge andexperiences,coordinate activitiesand createsynergies.

Innovation Fairs (2) :Barcelona,November 2013& Civitanova Marche, June 2014 with more than 500 visitors.


You can find more about WIDER activities  in:

WIDER website:www.widerproject.eu

FACEBOOK page:  WIDER project

LinkedIn group: WIDER project

Twitter: @WIDERproject


WIDER: 10 partners from 7 Mediterranean countries::

SVIM - Sviluppo Marche SpADevelopment Company of Marche Region (Italy) –Lleader

ACCIÓ - The Catalan Company Support Agency (Italy)

MEDICALPS - World-class center for smart medical technologies (France)

TCCI - Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Greece)

CRES–Center for Renewable Energy Sources& Saving (Greece)

DevelopmentCentreoftheHeartofSlovenia (Slovenia)

CRIA - University of Algarve (Portugal)

SERDA - Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

CEI - Central European Initiative (Italy)

IASP - International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (Spain)