LOUPE (2002-2005)

HTE (Higher Technical Education) faces two major problems: recruitment is decreasing and engineering studies are outdated. New concepts like problem based learning, project education, redesigning of the curriculum and the powerful learning environment have been introduced in HTE. But all these innovations lack a gender perspective. There is a need for hands on materials (real life cases, projects, problems) and other forms of (knowledge) input into technology education that comes from actual practice. The material has to meet a number of prerequisites in order to be considered suitable for the current (redesigned) education and it has to be attractive to both groups of students (women as well as men). This requires a new way of identifying, assessing and describing cases/projects, and a new way of communication with the business community. To achieve this, the LOUPE project will research and collate case studies to provide students in technical education with a better insight into working life. This methodology in turn will improve communication and partnership between Education and Industry. 

- To contribute to the educational development through innovative methodologies such as the development and collation of case studies and projects (gender inclusive) 
- To facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practice between institutes of HTE and industry. 
- To make HTE more attractive to women by introducing interesting, real life cases and projects.

Project Info