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Description of the position: 

FONDAZIONE BRUNO KESSLER (FBK) RECRUITMENT OF A DIRECTOR FOR THE CENTER FOR MATERIALS AND MICROSYSTEMS (FBK-CMM) RequirementsEligible applicants are professors, researchers, and technologists at universities or other national or international research institutions, as well as managers in the public or private sector with advanced professional, scientific, and managerial qualifications and experience, of proven scientific standing on an international level. Candidates must be highly qualified in professional and managerial skills with substantial experience in technology transfer, both nationally and internationally.Roles, duties and level of commitment

  1. The Director is responsible for the overall functioning of the FBK-CMM, answering to the Board of Directors. 
  2. The position of Director is a full-time commitment.
  3. The Director assists the Scientific Committee in its studies and submission of proposals to the Board of Directors.
  4. The position of Director is incompatible with other public or private work positions or employment, with membership of the Board or auditing of profit-oriented companies, and with any commercial or industrial activities. The performance of professional activities or consultancy may be authorized by the Board of Directors, on the basis of the foreseen level of commitment and against signed self-certification from the candidate.
  5. The position of Director is incompatible with that of Chairman, General Manager, or other executive positions inside FBK, and with membership of the Board of Directors or Scientific Committee.


The salary of the Director is 150.000 euros, comprised 75% at a fixed rate and 25% on achievement of objectives (MBO). In the case of appointment of an existing FBK employee, the salary will be defined ad hoc.
Last day to submit: 
Trento-Povo, Italy